Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-157


Graphics on Web Platforms for Complex Systems Modelling and Simulation

T.H. McMullen, K.A. Hawick, V. Du Preez and B. Pearce

Archived April 2012


Graphical interactive simulations are a powerful means of exploring properties of complex systems models and aiding a development of model parameter spaces. Platform independence for graphics intensive simulations -- and especially those involving 3D rendering -- has been a difficult goal to realise until recently. We describe use of WebGL, JavaScript and associated graphics rendering interfaces to implement a range of complex system simulations for a Web platform. We experimented with various shading and rendering approaches. We compare the performance obtained using this approach for various compute devices. We discuss performance and implementation issues and the implications for future platform independence of complex systems simulations code development.

Keywords:WebGL; JavaScript; portable shading; platform independent graphics.

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