Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-147


Visual Simulation of a Multi-Species Coloured Lattice Gas Model

T. S. Lyes, M. G. B. Johnson and K. A. Hawick

Archived March 2012


Understanding complex fluid flow patterns is still a computationally challenging problem and visualising computer simulations in this area is an important tool in investigating emergent complexity in fluid systems. Mixing and unmixing of complex multi-species fluid systems is particularly difficult to tackle using conventional field equational methods. We describe our multi-species lattice gas software for simulating and visualising multi-species fluid systems. We describe how a coloured lattice gas model was developed and run on a graphical processing unit using NVIDIA’s compute unified device architecture (CUDA) to yield a speed up over a typical CPU performance of one hundred fold. This then supports simulation of system sizes large enough to reveal interesting emergent complexity, and we present some initial scientific observations.

Keywords: lattice gas; coloured; FHP-3; CFHP; OpenGL; cellular automata; simulation.

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