Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-139


Classical Mechanical Hard-Core Particles Simulated in a Rigid Enclosure using Multi-GPU Systems

D.P.Playne and K.A. Hawick

Archived November 2011


Hard-core interacting particle methods are of increasing importance for simulations and game applications as well as a tool supporting animations. We develop a high-accuracy numerical integration technique for managing hard-core colliding particles of various physical properties such as differing interaction species and hard-core radii using multiple Graphical Processing Unit (m-GPU) computing techniques. We report on the performance tradeoffs between communiucations and computations for various model parameters and for a range of individual GPU models and multiple-GPU combinations. We explore uses of the GPU Direct communications mechanisms between multiple GPUs accelerating the same CPU host and show that m-GPU multi-level parallelism is a powerful approach for complex N-Body simulations that will deploy well on commodity systems.

Keywords: m-GPU; N-Body; hard-core collsions; polydisperse radii; multi-species.

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