Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-132


Visualising Multi-Phase Lattice Gas Fluid Layering Simulations

K.A. Hawick

Archived April 2011


Complex fluids that exhibit phenomena such as layering and separation of multiple phases are computationally expensive to model using conventional numerical integration of partial differential equations. Lattice gas approaches are significantly cheaper to simulate and can still reveal good insights into the essential behaviours. We describe simulations of multi-phase layering in a lattice gas based on the Kawasaki exchange model and introduce a gravitational potential parameter to complement the temperature coupling. We identify the existence of some phase transitional behaviours in the number of phases as well as shifts in the critical temperature arising from the gravitational layering. We illustrate the model with graphical renderings in both two and three dimensions.

Keywords: multi-phase fluid; Kawasaki model; lattice gas; gravitational bias; diffusion.

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