Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-131


Implementing Stereo Vision of GPU-Accelerated Scientific Simulations using Commodity Hardware

T. S. Lyes and K. A. Hawick

Archived March 2011


Stereo vision technology is becoming more and more commonplace in the movie and gaming industries. It has applications in many other fields as well, one of these is viewing scientific data. We develop a stereo vision system using commodity priced hardware and portable graphics software. Hardware and software details are described, as well as some resulting visualisations and performance issues. C++ and OpenGL are employed to create the stereo visualisation, using Nvidia 3D glasses and a professional GPU graphics card and driver. Key code fragments are presented, and we discuss some of the difficulties in setting up the stereo vision for scientific use. We also present some ideas for future development of scientific visualisation of voxel data in stereo.

Keywords: stereo vision; OpenGL; Nvidia; Quadro; quad-buffering; simulation; interaction.

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