Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-130

Cycles, Transients, and Complexity in the Game of Death Spatial Automaton

K. A. Hawick and C. J. Scogings

Archived March 2011


Cellular automaton models such as Conway's Game of Life have long been shown to exhibit a high degree of spatial complexity. Spatial patterns can be analysed and categorised in this and other models and used as a basis for cataloging other related models and their behaviour classes. An interesting variation arises when a third state is introduced and we explore the consequences of this in models like Silverman's ``Brian's Brain'' -- sometimes known as ``Conway's Game of Death'' where ``zombies'' are introduced into the spatial model. The third state and the microscopic rules associated with the three constituent species gives rise to a rich new set of phases and behaviours which can be simulated and catalogued statistically.

Keywords: multi-agent model; cellular automata; agent intelligence.

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