Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-121


An Investigation into the Effects of Sentinels on Animat Collectives

C. J. Scogings and K. A. Hawick

Archived January 2011


It is well known that animal groups use sentinels. We model the benefits to a collective by incorporating sentinel behaviour into an existing agent-based model consisting of predator and prey animats. Our model system is large enough to exhibit multi-length and multi-time scale behaviours, and we compare the effects of individal members of the prey species adopting sentinel roles, with the normal boom-bust behaviour of the established model. We record significant changes to animat spatial patterns and population size and demonstrate how such models can be used to enable various ``what-if'' scenarios and provide interesting insights and allow exploration of situations that would be impossible to measure during field research into real animal groups.

Keywords: animats; spatial agents; sentinels; predator-prey; emergence.

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