Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-102


Comparing Intra- and Inter-Processor Parallelism on Multi-Core Cell Processors for Scientific Simulations

K. A. Hawick, A. Leist, D. P. Playne and M. J. Johnson

Archived August 2009, Revised August 2010


The Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE) multi core processor from the STI consortium of Sony, Toshiba and IBM is a powerful but complex processing device that has attracted much attention since its inclusion in Sony Playstation (PS3) gaming consoles. We report on some performance experiments using the multi-core Synergistic Processing Elements (SPE) concurrency capabilities of this chip. We compare performance and software implementation issues with conventional cluster computing techniques such as message-passing, in exploiting clusters of Cell BE processors for scientific simulations. We discuss performance and user programming issues for some hybrid solutions on clustered PS3 computers running Linux.

Keywords: Cell BE processor; multi-core; SPE; PS3; cluster.

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