Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-100


CSTN - The First One Hundred - A review of the CSTN Series

K. A. Hawick

Archived July 2009


The Computational Science Technical Note (CSTN) series was started at Massey University in 2004, and has evolved its focus somewhat towards studies of Complex Systems. The series of preprint/reprints documents a number of published and unpublished research results and work-in-progress covering: computer simulations; studies of artificial life and animat agents; parallel algorithm development for simulations, and other studies of complex systems including: physical models; physics systems; complex networks; and traffic systems. This one hundredth note summarises the general findings to date in 2009 and lays out some areas for likely future work. Parallel and High Performance Computing (HPC) have been critical components of our research group's work since its inception and a particular trend in 2009 is towards the use of specialist parallel processing devices such as: graphical processing units (GPUs); unusual new processor architectures such as the Cell Broadband Engine; and of course the greater use and exploitation of multi-core central processing units. Whether used individually, or as accelerators or in clusters, these technologies are likely to be used even more in the future to enable faster and more nteractive simulations of larger and more complex systems models.

Keywords: computational science, complex systems; simulations; visualization; parallel computing.

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