Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-094


Emergent Societal Effects of Crimino-Social Forces in an Animat Agent Model

C. J. Scogings and K. A. Hawick

Archived June 2009


Societal behaviour can be studied at a causal level by perturbing a stable multi-agent model with new microscopic behaviours and observing the statistical response over an ensemble of simulated model systems. We report on the effects of introducing criminal and law-enforcing behaviours into a large scale animat agent model and describe the complex spatial agent patterns and population changes that result. Our well-established predator-prey substrate model provides a background framework against which these new microscopic behaviours can be trialled and investigated. We describe some quantitative results and some surprising conclusions concerning the overall societal health when individually anti-social behaviour is introduced.

Keywords: animat agent; societal impact; social behaviour; emergence; complexity; adaptive system.

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