Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-082


3D Visualisation of Simulation Model Voxel Hyperbricks and the Cubes Program

K. A. Hawick

Archived July 2006, Revised October 2010.


Visualisation of the interior of a three-dimensional(3D) solid model is not a trivial operation and different possible approaches work best for different sorts of model data. It is useful when developing a 3D simulation model or when analysing 3D data to have a software tool that allows cut-aways, and fly-throughs and other interactive means of solid model visualisation. This article describes a highly interactive program built using portable C++ and OpenGL to load in a sequence of hyperbrick 3D data set files and to support data shifts, rotations, cut-aways and many other rendering options. A hyperbrick data format was designed especially to allow inter-operation with simulation programs that can easy generate output in this simple ``.hrbk'' format. A description of the main ideas is given alongwith a design and code outline and several rendering examples. Some areas for further tool development are given.

Keywords: 3D solids; simulation models; voxels; hyperbrick format; visualization; OpenGL.

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