Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-061


Interactive Graph Algorithm Visualization and the GraViz Prototype

K. A. Hawick

Archived August 2008, Revised October 2010.


Visualizing a graph of any complexity can be difficult, particularly if many details decorating both the vertex set and arc set are required to be rendered. A graph algorithm visualizing tool -GraViz - has been developed using Java and Java-Swing rendering technology. The design ideas and data structures used in GraViz are presented and some directions for future enhancement are discussed. A detailed discussion of the rendering model is given including: layering and drawing space issues; managing rendering complexity of detail; rendering transforms; editing modes; reporting models and runaway algorithm control. A review of graph data representations and file formats is also presented alongwith a comparison with other publicly available graph rendering tools. GraViz also supports a number of graph generation and analysis algorithms and some ideas for managing a potentially large reperatoire of such algorithms are presented.

Keywords: graphs; networks; visualization; algorithm; Java.

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