Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-057


Notes on Particle Simulation and Visualisation

D. P. Playne

Archived June 2008


The simulation of a solar system involves calculating the motion of planetary bodies and the force of gravity between them. This problem appears to be non-linear and must be solved using numerical methods to integrate their motion over a discrete time-step. Scientific visualisation of such a simulation allows a human observer to easily identify any inherent features or patterns within the simulation by utilising the powerful human visual recognition system. Many solar system simulations exist and are designed with many different purposes in mind but no one simulation combines both scientifically-accurate simulation with high-quality computer graphics. This document disucsses several simulation and visualisation techniques and examines their co-operability. A simulation has been implemented with these techniques and the results from testing this simulation are presented.

Keywords: particle simulation; visualisation.

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