Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-042


Structural Circuits and Attractors in Kauffman Networks

K. A. Hawick, H. A. James and C. J. Scogings

Archived July 2007


There has been some ambiguity about the growth of attractors in Kauffman networks with network size. Some recent work has linked this to the role and growth of circuits or loops of boolean variables. Using numerical methods we have investigated the growth of structural circuits in Kauffman networks and suggest that the exponential growth in the number of structural circuits places a lower bound on the complexity of the growth of boolean dependency loops and hence of the number of attractors. We use a fast and exact circuit enumeration method that does not rely on sampling trajectories. We also explore the role of structural self-edges, or self-inputs in the NK-model, and how they affect the number of structural circuits and hence of attractors.

Keywords: Kauffman networks; random boolean functions; circuit enumeration; loops; attractors.

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