Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-031


Implementing Virtually-Embedded Logical Reasoning in Animat Agents

K. A. Hawick, H. A. James and C. J. Scogings

Archived February 2006


Applications of collectively intelligent systems in a physical system can be simulated using a set of animat agents. Conventional programming methods aid expression of the physical spatial system but make it difficult to implement sophisticated reasoning capabilities. Artificial Intelligence languages are well suited to expressing agent reasoning but fare less well in systems of a very large number of agents and are also less well-suited to expressing spatial models. We report on some experiments using a combined approach whereby virtual reasoning engines including Prolog or similar reasoning and planning systems are ``virtually-embedded'' software components in a spatial simulation system. We report on some performance and scalability results and discuss the associated integration issues for very large-scale simulations where we can investigate emergent behaviours not otherwise attainable.

Keywords: animat agents; physical navigation and reasoning; AI integration.

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