Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-026


High-Performance Spatial Simulations and Optimisations on 64-Bit Architectures

K. A. Hawick, H. A. James and C. J. Scogings

Archived October 2005


Many numerical simulations applications continue to require large computing budgets to allow their use in state-of-the-art parameter regimes. We report on a number of optimisation techniques that are especially applicable to spatial simulations. We employ trade-off techniques based on the use of high-memory and especially 64-bit addressable memory to boost the performance of simulations that need extensive geometric maths function evaluations. We also describe data structures and indirect addressing techniques to improve spatially-oriented simulation algorithms. We present performance data and a discussion and analysis on these techniques which we believe generalise to many spatially-based scientific simulations codes. We illustrate these methods in the context of simulations for: diffusion; cluster-cluster aggregation; Monte-Carlo annealing; and artificial-life models.

Keywords: spatial simulation; maths functions; performance optimisation; data structures; high-memory usage.

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