Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-025


Notes on Quantum Computation for Computer Scientists

K. A. Hawick

Archived July 2005


Quantum Computation is a challenging area for students educated in traditional computer science. This background note accompanies honours-level (or '4th' year undergraduate) lectures at Massey University and is intended to provide an introduction to the ideas and approaches for numerate computer science students. The approach is based on that of Deutsch's video lectures, but with additional cross-references and extra explanatory sidebars aimed at computer science students. The flow of presentation starts from some introductory ideas in complexity analysis and quantum computing in general, continuing through an exposition of: the qubit; quantum interference; quantum measurement; Deutsch's problem and algorithm; Grover's search algorithm; Shor's factorisation algorithm; and a general discussion of quantum computation implementation platforms and some possible implications for computer science. Some mathematical background for complex numbers and matrix algebra is also given alongwith some ideas on how they are typically programmed to simulate quantum computation on a classical computer system.

Keywords: qubits; quantum interference; measurement; Deutsch's problem; Grover algorithm; Shor algorithm; quantum computer science.

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