Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-021


Node Importance Ranking and Scaling Properties of some Complex Road Networks

K. A. Hawick and H. A. James

Archived August 2005


The scaling and other quantifiable properties of a network have recently been proven valuable in understanding the robustness and vulnerability properties of various societal and infrastructural networks. In this paper we revisit the algorithms for computing various quantifiable properties of a planar road network and consider the algorithmic complexity and scalability in the light of recent technological advances. We compute properties for a sample of interesting trunk road networks and discuss their applicability in determining the relative importance or criticality to the whole network of a particular node. We discuss the implications of present and anticipated technological capabilities in calculating properties for anticipated network sizes in the light of 64-bit computer architectures and commodity parallel computing.

Keywords: circuits; all-pairs distance; scaling; network; complex system.

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