Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-015


A Zoology of Emergent Life Patterns in a Predator-Prey Simulation Model

K. A. Hawick, H. A. James and C. J. Scogings

Archived February 2005


We describe the characteristics and behaviour of emergent patterns we have found in a simple predator-prey simulation model. We have extensively simulated a ``flatland'' populated with microscopically detailed individual animals. Animals' behaviours are rule-based and follow a predator-prey schema based on a small number of adjustable parameters. We have searched the model parameter space and found regimes of rich emergent behaviour and have devised various observation techniques and quantifiable measurements to characterise the growth behaviour of the emergent spatial patterns. We report on a taxonomical classification of the emergent patterns or ``macroscopic life-forms'' found in our model and a preliminary analysis of the transformations between different collective patterns.

Keywords: emergent pattern; predator-prey model development; agent-based modelling.

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