Computational Science Technical Note CSTN-014


Computational Data Structures for Lattice-Based Small-World Simulations

H. A. James and K. A. Hawick

Archived February 2005, Revised March 2007.


The Watts and Strogatz model of small-world network systems has been successfully applied to explain features in several data sets. We have carried out a set of extensive simulation studies of stochastically generated small-world systems. We report on the data structures, memory and run-time complexity of our simulation codes and discuss how these ideas may be applied to similar simulations studies. Our packed $k$-index mechanism encodes physical spatial information and supports interpolation between pure list and multi-dimensional array models. The $k$-index mechanism allows most procedures in simulations of this ilk to be written in a dimensionally independent fashion.

Keywords: small-worlds network; simulation; graph model.

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